Company Profile

Hangzhou Guangqi Electric Co., Ltd. is an energy management system solution provider located in Qianjiang New City, Jianggan District

The company is based on the strong technical strength of the company and sells various types of smart meters. At the same time, it has established its own R&D team based on smart meters, internet of things, and cloud computing technology and has developed the following main products. Software/programme includes energy management system, energy management and control system for factory enterprises, building automation and energy consumption management system, electricity consumption statistics and analysis system, energy management system, intelligent power distribution system, distribution automation system, online temperature monitoring system, and group Software.

Hangzhou Hiroaki has a group of powerful technical backbones and has rich experience in the transformation of corporate power grids, smart energy management construction and transformation, and corporate information collection network wiring. At the same time, we rely on the technical experts of the Zhejiang Electric Power Bureau and the Huadian Power Plant to provide various energy optimization solutions and technological transformation solutions for enterprises, so that the company’s various types of energy management can realize remote online meter reading data analysis. Enterprises provide optimized solutions to reduce energy consumption in enterprises and realize the purpose of saving costs and increasing profits.